PA Software is a company that is as innovative as it is engaging, and was founded by developers that wanted to bring the excitement and capabilities of professional sports’ on screen metrics to everyone at an affordable price. PA has demonstrated the capability of mimicking the K-Zone and TrackMan systems seen during Major League Baseball broadcasts with high precision and accuracy. This complex systems have been simplified to capture data from popular cameras such as a GoPro or smartphone with our unique, first of its kind, proprietary video analytics technology. Simply record your player with any of our supported devices, upload that video clip to our program, and start analyzing! You will receive incredible on screen metrics, such as pitch trajectory, velocity, strike zone location, and much more! Want to check your baseball or softball player’s progress? Upload a bullpen session to our online database and compare their statistics over any period of time. In today’s sports world video technology provides players and coaches the insight they need to gain even the smallest of advantages over the competition. Which is why here at PA Software, we aren’t satisfied with average, we’re developing the future of the game.