General App Inquires

No, our apps do not require an internet connection to run video analysis. However, you will need an internet connection to download example videos for either Pitch or Hit Analyzer. We suggest downloading these videos over wifi for faster transfers.
Yes, we have a set of example videos that you can download from within the apps.
The best recording conditions are outdoors and on a sunny day. Combine this with a contrasting backdrop from the ball (white ball - dark backdrop) and this sets up for ideal recording conditions. A good rule of thumb is if you have a hard time seeing the ball in the video, so will our apps.
Yes, both Pitch and Hit Analyzer can analyze videos recorded indoors. Just be aware older model phones, such as the iPhone 6, don't capture artificial light as well as the newest models. No matter what phone you are using though, it is crucial you provide as much light as you possibly can.
We support iPhone 6 and higher, along with any iPod or iPad which can record videos in 1080p 60fps (Pitch Analyzer minimum requirements) or 720p 120fps (Hit Analyzer minimum requirements).
No, these apps cannot be used to accurately capture data during a live game. This is due to too many unknown variables which we cannot account for. This is why we specify the setup requirements in our tutorials. However, we are currently working on developing a true game system, similar to those seen on TV. So be sure to follow us on social media and check back on our website regularly for updates.
Yes! We designed the apps to be used for both sports. Inside the apps select Menu > Settings > Sport. Here you can distinguish between baseball and softball. Be sure you have the correct one selected as certain analysis metrics will be wrong if it isn't.
No, our apps do not support video analysis of video recorded in portrait mode. We only support analysis of video recorded in landscape mode.
Our apps do not have the capability to analyze multiple hits and/or pitches in a single video clip. Which means for our apps to work you must record every hit and/or pitch in short, 3 second, individual clips. Clips can be longer than 3 seconds, just be warned the analysis of that clip will take longer if you do.

Hit Analyzer Related

Recording videos for Hit Analyzer is very simple. Stand on home plate facing the pitcher's mound. Turn 90 degrees and pace off approximately 10 feet from the center of home plate. Pull up your camera app and locate the hitter in the video frame. Move towards the mound until the hitter is in the outer third of the video frame. That's it! See...it's not that hard.
Both! You do not have to be facing the hitter if you are only interested in metrics. This is helpful when recording through a cage where you may only be able to record from one side. Most users record facing the hitter for a better view of mechanics, but it isn't necessary. Just be sure to specify which side of the screen the hitter is on. To do this select Menu > Settings > Batter Screen Side. If you are facing the hitter a right handed batter will appear on the left side of the screen. For this case you would select "Left" for "Batter Screen Side".
Yes. We took extra time to ensure our hitting app would work through the rope or chain link of a cage. Just be sure there isn't someone hitting in a cage next to you as it will likely mess up your analysis.
Yes, if you notice within the app there is a button with a tee on it. Tapping this button activates "Tee Mode" within Hit Analyzer. If hitting from a tee be sure this mode is turned on before starting the analysis. Having this button turned off activates "BP Mode" and will track thrown pitches as they travel to the plate and exit the bat. Having the wrong mode selected will result in failed analyses.
The minimum video requirements for Hit Analyzer are 720p and 120fps. Generally the harder a player hits the higher you want your video resolution and frame rate. Although if you have good recording conditions this generally isn't an issue.

Pitch Analyzer Related

You can record videos from either behind the pitcher, or from behind the catcher. Recording from behind the catcher will allow for features such as "Strike Zone" and "Multi-Pitch" to be utilized. However, if you are just interested in velocity then behind the pitcher works just great!
Yes, but be warned by recording video slightly off to the side you will not be able to utilize all the features of the app. You will be limited to velocity and drawn flight path only. Strike zone locations will not be as accurate. Although multi-pitch will work it cannot be combined with the strike zone feature.
Yes, just be sure to select which sport under settings within the app. Having the wrong sport will affect velocity and strike zone location calculations. To change this navigate to Menu > Settings > Sport within the app.
No, absolutely not. Pitch Analyzer is NOT a stop watch app, nor will it ever be. It uses complex computer vision and artificial intelligence algorithms to determine pitch flight characteristics and then compute everything you see within the app, including velocity. This means you can be as far away from the pitcher, or catcher, as you want and still get velocities. Just be sure to keep the ball thrown within the frame of view. We can't calculate anything if we can't see it...
The minimum video requirements for Pitch Analyzer are 1080p and 60fps. Generally the harder a player throws the higher you want your video resolution and frame rate. Although if you have good recording conditions this generally isn't an issue.

In App Purchase Related

First of all, don't panic. This isn't some fast one we are trying to pull on you to make you buy the app extras again. Occasionally, when an app is update Apple will require you to "Restore" your in app purchases. To do this navigate to "More Features" within either Pitch or Hit Analyzer and select "Restore". Your purchased features will then be ready to be used again.
Occasionally mistakes happens, but unfortunately we do not have a means of directly returning your money to you from your in app purchase. You will need to contact Apple to determine what steps need to be made to get your money back.
We love input from our users. It helps us understand what is working and what isn't. Also, we only have so much brain power and can't think of everything. So if you have a great idea for new features, or ways to improve the apps, you can either email us through our contact page, send us a message on social media, or provide a review on the App Store. We will review your suggestion and who knows, maybe it will appear in the next update...