General Software Inquires

No, PA developed software can be operated without being connected to the internet. This means you can upload recorded videos and analyze them anywhere. Analysis sessions can be saved and uploaded at a later time to the online database, however, an internet connection is required to import session data to the database.
We have a set of example videos available for download. We ask that you use these videos only for reference and do not send them to the Dashboard.
For the devices we currently support, the best recording conditions are preferably outdoors and on a sunny day. Combine this with a contrasting backdrop (white ball – dark backdrop or dark ball – light backdrop) and this will set up for ideal analysis conditions for our software.
Yes, Pitch Analyzer has the performance capabilities to analyze video recordings indoors. All of the cameras we currently support have the ability for indoor analysis, however, we do recommend some more than others. To get the most out of our indoor analysis capability we recommend using the Panasonic HC-V. This camera has excellent low light recording capabilities and makes it ideal for gathering artificial light such as is the case in an indoor setting.
We are continuously adding more recording devices to our repertoire to ensure our software is as flexible as possible. Currently the devices we support, and their frame rates, are listed below.
Camera Resolution FPS
iPhone 6 thru iPhone 8+ 720p, 1080p, and 4k 60-480fps
GoPro Hero Black 3+ (Narrow Setting) 1080p 60fps & 120fps
GoPro Hero Black 4 (Narrow Setting) 1080p 60fps, 120fps, & 240fps
Panasonic HC-V 1080p 60fps

Hitting Analysis Related

Hit Analyzer is very versatile in how it can be setup. Your recording device can be placed either behind or in front of the hitter. For example, if the recording device is placed behind a right handed batter the hitter will appear on the right side of the analysis screen as opposed to the left. Just remember to toggle which side of the screen the hitter appears on before starting the analysis!
Yes, Hit Analyzer works well with both baseball and softball. Just be sure to select the softball option in the program before you start your analysis.
At the moment Hit Analyzer only supports video shot in 720p and 120 fps. We are constantly adding more video quality and frame rate capability so check back regularly for updates!
Currently the best recording conditions for videos intended for Hit Analyzer are outside on a sunny day. The software does have the capability to record indoors just know that analysis results may vary depending on camera type and lighting conditions.
To maximize the chances of reliable data setup in an area where there is great contrast between the batted ball and the background behind it. So if you have a new ball, a dark background will suffice. The opposite goes for a dirty ball, a lighter background will produce better results. Achieve this and you shouldn’t have a problem getting reliable data!
Video recorded with the intention of analyzing in Hit Analyzer Pro R1 should be recorded in short individual clips. Hit Analyzer currently does not have the capability to analyze multiple hits in a single video. There is not a limitation to how long a video clip may be, but know the longer the video the longer the analysis of that clip may take.
Yes, video can be recorded in an indoor setting. However, be aware that certain cameras are better adept at capturing artificial light. With the current cameras we support indoor analysis may prove trickier. We are constantly testing different cameras and light settings to provide you with the most versatile product as possible. So please check back regularly for supdates!
Setting up your recording device for Hit Analyzer Pro R1 is very simple. Mount your recording device to a secure platform such as a tripod. Then place your recording device approximately 10ft away from the center of home plate facing the batter. Then find the batter in the field of view and ensure they are in an outer third of the frame. This will be the left third of the image for a right handed batter, and the right third of the image for a left handed batter. You can also download a copy of our setup and analysis instructions below.
Camera Resolution FPS
GoPro Hero Black 3 720p 120fps
GoPro Hero Black 4 720p 120fps

Pitching Analysis Related

For the best, and most accurate data, we recommend pitching videos be recorded at a minimum of 1080p and 60fps. At the moment, we do not support devices which record at a higher video quality than 1080p. We do have the capability of analysis for frame rates higher than 60fps. Analysis can be performed at lower video quality and frame rates, however, the analysis results may not be as accurate.
In short, Yes.
Videos which are intended to be imported into the pitch analysis software are to be recorded in short individual clips. There is no limit in how long the clips can be, just keep in mind the longer the video clip, the longer the analysis of that particular clip may take.
The pitching analysis software has the capability, and flexibility of variable camera placement. However, depending on the camera’s location relative to home plate, there will be limitations of the use of certain features of the program.

Setting Up Directly Behind Home Plate
   To get the most out of the pitching analysis software, we recommend setting
   the recording device directly behind home plate. The camera should be mounted
   to a firm stand approximately 4 feet high and 6 feet behind the front of the
   home plate.

Setting Up To The Side Of Home Plate
  The recording device can be setup to either side of the home plate for
  recording. However, the user will only be limited to certain features of
  the program such as velocity and flight path.
We recommend the pitcher be no closer than approximately 30 feet from the camera when they release the pitch. Anything closer than this and the program may have a tenancy to detect a greater number of false positives. However, this generally is not a concern as the minimum distance from home plate to the mound at most levels will be no closer than 45 feet.
There is not a maximum distance limit the pitcher can be from the camera. As long as the player is able to deliver the pitch on target the program will detect its speed and location.

Purchase Related

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